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We about us

FinaCon is an enterprise which looks after the financial interests of his customers. 
We have access to a diversified product field as well as to their product giver. 
That's why we can achieve the best possible conditions for our customers. 

In hand of an analysis specially carried out by us we provide, taking into account the wishes and financial means of our customers, a draught individually fitted on every singles. 
We are natural before, during and also after realisation of a business with words and deeds for our customers there. Since service is written with us Largely! 

We are highly motivated, young, dynamic, certified and team customer-oriented above all which consists of lawyers, insurance businessmen, insurance experts, bank clerks, to management consultants as well as debtor's advisers. 




  • Management consultancy 
  • (Coalescences / takeovers (Undertake, areas, departments) 
  • Pagings / Outsourcing 
  • Worldwide Sourcing 
  • Restructuring / Change 
  • Management / renovation 
  • Reduction in costs (Cost Cutting) 
  • Introduction of new technologies, operating procedures and systems 
  • Security consultation 
  • Interim management 
  • Organisation diagnosis 
  • Financing consultation 
  • PR consultation 
  • Procurement optimisation / shopping optimisation 
  • Renovation 


  • VEHICLE Assurances (also e bike and pedelecs) 
  • Liability insurances (also animal holder's liability) 
  • Household effects assurances 
  • Residential building assurances 
  • Accident insurances 
  • Life insurances 
  • Pension schemes 
  • Legal protection assurances 
  • Of risk life as well as occupation and acquisition inability assurances 
  • private and legal health insurances 
  • Assurances for businessmen 


  • Construction financings 
  • Private loans 
  • KfW loans 
  • Vehicle loans 
  • Leasing of every kind 
  • Trade loans 


  • Real estate 
  • Unit trust 
  • Real values (gold / silver etc. ) 
Administration of property

Administration of property

The administration of property belongs to the central financial services and describes the meeting of (finance) to investment decisions by a third person which acts as a property administrator. 
Indeed, the concept with care is to be enjoyed, because he enjoys no legal protection and is used, hence, also con to unadjusted finance service providers. The bankaufsichtsrechtlich correct name of the services is: "Finance port folio management" 
Vehicle park management

Vehicle park management

Vehicle park management and unit cost model (assurances) 
Fleet management, naval price increase or vehicle park management is the management, tarpaulins, taxes and controlling of vehicle fleets (vehicle park. 
Very briefly: We manage everything what all around to your vehicle park belongs (assurances, route tarpaulins, fuel costs supervision, Fahrtenbucher etc. ) 
Debtor's consultation

Debtor's consultation

5 before 12 or 5 after 12?? 

The first step means to lift the incriminating financial situation from the paralyzing and pubic-occupied area a constructive level oriented to solution. For this we offer you the support by a getting to know team from advisers which exerts itself in the work deferentially and confidently for the affected people. The special challenge of our work lies to transform putative Auswegslosigkeiten into ways out. 

What distinguishes us to other commercial or charitable debtor's consultations ?

Free first consultations for private individuals as well as independent no long waiting periods (appointment within one week possibly) to treatment of consumer insolvencies and control insolvencies in cooperation with lawyers economic comparative negotiations for the insolvency avoidance production of draughts for employers, the help to the disencumberment of her employees or subcontractors want to perform social management to the balance of rent remains and for the avoidance of evictions Anwaltliche care during whole six years of an insolvency procedure.

How we work


More free of charge (Only) consultation appointment - like with other advice centres the appointment does not limit itself to classical 30 min. We find time for you, and get a thorough picture about your Ist situation 


We know consultation appointment within one week - from experience about how important it is for debtors if you have forced yourselves to approach the financial problem to get immediately help 


With us there work engaged professionals - a big network from lawyers, to media gates, Versicherungs/finance experts work by order the debtor. 


Fair fees and practicable payment by instalments - We are quick and good, just because we our network are of use for answers to unput questions of the Gläubiger & Co. since good timing and a lot of background know save time and give to the debtor the sure feeling to pay a fair price. A satisfactory and adequate payment by instalments can be agreed with us. 


Anwaltliche care for the whole term of an insolvency procedure (6 years) - We know how bewilderingly and the correspondence complicates can sometimes be, for this reason we offer an all-round care, i. e. we offer anwaltliche help and controlling tools to you, in addition serve to keep an eye on the correspondence as well as on observance of important appointments. A positive communication with the trustee is very important. 

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